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Sales Representative

Growing up in Vancouver, BC – I always had an appreciation for architecture. The extensive beach houses and modern estates are where my love for real estate stemmed. Making the move to Toronto years ago seemed a fit for my passion and drive in the industry of real estate – a place that could match my vision. Then I fell in love with the Victorian remodels! My background in luxury sales, management, and marketing gives me the edge in appeal and unparalleled client service. I see the potential in every property as well as being able to share that vision with my clients.

I believe everyone should be provided with the same knowledge when purchasing real estate and that the knowledge should be correct – not misinformed. Breaking records out the gate and winning awards in my first year. My business has become referral-based showing everyone my service and knowledge are among the best! I have helped over 200+ clients find their homes in the past year and all relationships stand – I truly want the best for YOU!


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